Enjoy your silence.

I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere,
with everyone, one to one,
always, forever,

☽☉☾ chimneyfish:

The Goddess Neith
Georges Jules Victor Clairin (1843 - 1919)
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Clowns, c. 1940s (from 1000 Clowns, More or Less by H. Thomas Steele, scanned by weirdvintage)
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Tingel-Tangel Girls, Berlin, 1931
☽☉☾ chimneyfish:

The Priestess of Delphi, 1891
John Collier
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The Spirit stands above and beyond nature. The Spirit comprises the great plan which is the driving force behind every manifestation.
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La primavera che perennemente si rinnova - Galileo Chini
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1920s fashion photo 
via fashionsonic.blogspot.com
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GALLIANO was HERE (Please RETURN)………….No.1