Enjoy your silence.

I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere,
with everyone, one to one,
always, forever,

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"I’m an artist, I’m not an activist."
— Shirin Neshat
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Imogen Cunningham
Self-portrait, 1972
Taken from the book, ‘Photography Year: 1977/78 Edition’, Time-Life Books Inc., 1977
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Weimar cabaret goddess Anita Berber led a life that would be considered shocking even today. Berber embodied decadence: she was an unapologetic spendthrift drug addict and alcoholic sometime prostitute whose many high-profile bisexual and S&M affairs remain the stuff of legend. An electrifying avant-garde dancer, she often performed nude or wearing androgynous costumes.
She also acted in several movies, including Different from the Others (1919), the first film to portray homosexual relationships sympathetically. This human volcano of scandal and creativity expired in 1928 at the age of 29.
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Arya Achala, Tibet, 12th century, Kadam Lineage, Collection of Shelley & Donald Rubin
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Shaun Berke
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Konstantin Antioukhin, The Pear, 2010


Please don’t ever try to learn how to rub a clit from porn.

I repeat, please don’t EVER try to learn how to rub a clit from porn.

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Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos (via INK - Lupevision)